Bio : 

My journey into birth work began in 2010 officially when I stumbled upon a DONA birth doula training. Since then I have supported over 260 families in having positive birth experiences. My background as a nurse, who worked solely in paediatrics and mental health I believe gives me a unique perspective when educating families about the process of birth and how to interact within the health care system in an optimal way. 

Over the years I have attended many birth related trainings. I certified with DONA international as a doula and Lamaze International as a Childbirth Educator. I've also taken Breastfeeding Educator training, Hypnobabies doula training, and Spinning Babies trainings. Most recently having attained certification as a Spinning Babies Parent Educator and a Doula Canada certified birth doula. Right now I am working on my certified Birth Photographer designation and as a certified infant sleep specialist. Essentially, I am always learning, with the intention of being able to help my clients  have the most comfortable, quick and stress free birth experience. Currently,  I am the Chair of the Doula Collective of Newfoundland & Labrador and a stay at home mom to my 4 lovely kids.

My intention when working with families is to help them achieve their birth goals, whatever they may be.  Natural, epidural planned, cesarean, VBAC, open book, whatever your intentions are... I will do everything in my power to help you have the best experience possible. I strive to empower, inspire and to provide unwavering support. I believe that having a positive birth experience can profoundly impact a woman's immediate and long term well being. Having a doula by your side believing in you and helping you through the birth process can undoubtably  help you reach your birth goals.

2005: Completed my Bachelor of Nursing Degree 
2010:  Completed Birth Doula training 
2011: Completed my Dona birth doula certificaion
2012: Completed training with Lamaze International
2012: Completed training with Birth Arts International for Breastfeeding Educator
2013: Completed my certification as a Childbirth Educator with Lamaze International
2014: Completed training with Sacred Pregnancy  to teach SP Mini-retreats
2014: Completed training with Birth Arts International for Post Partum Doula
2016: Completed Training with Spinning Babies.
2019: Completed Spinning Babies parent educator training in Toronto.
2019: Began course work as a Isla Grace infant sleep specialist.
2020: Began training to become a certified Birth Photographer.
Birth Doula for LIFE
I am a lifer. Birth, babies and mamas are my passion and what makes my heart sing. Everyone should try to have a career that they love and I feel so incredibly grateful that I have found this amazing balace to be able to do so much that I love. When not busy with birth & post partum clients I am busy teaching classes and spending time with my amazing family. I enjoy hiking, yoga, and travel!