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Doula Life for 13yrs ~ 500+ families served 

Moving forward in 2023, I am accepting a very limited number of clients. I have served our community as a doula for over 13 years, spending most of this time on call, never knowing when I may have to go to a birth, never knowing when I may get home and rarely getting a break. I have decided that a shift is needed and to focus more on Lactation support. My previous clients will always be prioritized, I will make every effort to support you again!

As a professional, I highly value continued education. My current pricing reflects the high level of education and training I have completed over the years to help support women and families. As a lactation consultant, my clients have 24/7 access  to the highest level of breastfeeding support. As a registered nurse,  you can be assured you are receiving accurate evidence based medical information and that you are working with someone who knows how to navigate a complex health care system.  


Below summarizes my certifications and trainings:

- International Board Certified Lactation Consultant

-Registered Nurse

- Certified Birth Doula ( with multiple organizations )

- Certified Post Partum Doula ( with multiple organizations ) 

-Spinning Babies Parent  Educator

-Lamaze Certified Childbirth Educator

-Hypnobabies certified Doula

-Registered Naturopath

As always, my consults are FREE

We can meet up to chat about how I may be able to help your family and get to know one another. I am now offering different levels of service to best meet your needs! 

Payment for my services are typically taken in 2 split payments ( alternate schedules are possible ) 

1/2 is due when you hire me to book your dates.

1/2 is due by 37 weeks.






My goal is to support you in achieving your birth goals whatever they may be. I support all types of births ( planned csections, inductions, medicated and natural births ). I will use all my skills to keep you as comfortable as possible, informed and empowered to make good choices for the birth of your baby.  I will also stay  with you the entire time  and 2 hours after the baby arrives to ensure that everyone is settled , help establish breastfeeding ( if that is the plan ), and capture some nice photos if desired


I Got This package



  • up to 2 Prenatal Appointments, attendance at your birth, and 2 post partum visits for $1400. 

  • If additional IBCLC   level support is needed, I  offer an additional 2 in clinic breastfeeding visits at no additional cost

  • On call from 38 weeks until the birth occurs. 

  • Unlimited Phone/Text/Email Support from booking date onwards  even after baby arrives.

  • Continuous Birth Support.  I will join you at your home or  hospital  once you are in active labor and provide continuous support throughout your birth experience, regardless of the length of your labor.  I will help to create an environment where you feel safe and nurtured as you birth your baby.  After the birth, I will help you get started breastfeeding, if you would like.

  • Photography.  If desired, I will beautifully document your birth, with my camera, providing photos of your birth and immediate postpartum in a private gallery.

  • FREE: Spinning Babies Parent class 




                Best Birth Prep Classes














 Have your very best birth by preparing with me; one on one!

What is a birth ball? How does my husband squeeze my hips? What are all the medication options for me?

I answer all these questions and more!

I offer these 2 classes in the comfort of your home. We discuss all the nitty gritty of how to prepare for labor, what to expect, what to bring and how to craft a sensible Birth Preferences list. Being prepared will help you feel more relaxed and ready. I will

provide the teaching of hands on skills and comfort measures for labor. I also provide my students with 

the Spinning Babies Parent Class and handouts as a bonus learning!  Classes are typically set up for 32/33 weeks and again around 36/37 weeks. 


Covered by most major insurance plans.




My fees are covered by most insurance companies under Naturopathic Care. There is also a Doula Subsidy program offered by the Doula Collective of NL which can cover up to $500 of my fee if your household income is less than $75,000 a year. Click here for more info

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