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Virtual Doula Services

Join me via private Facebook video chat or Skype. I will answer all your pregnancy, birth and post-partum related questions.

Are you unable to access a doula because you live in a community where there are none?

Are you looking for a quick and easy chat with a doula to review your birth preferences or get some advice on how to achieve your birth goals?

Having breastfeeding trouble and would like a professional to help devise a plan to address it? 

Would you like a crash Childbirth Education course?

Need a doula to chat with to go over any postpartum issues you are having?

Let's chat about all of it! 

$50 for a 30 min consultation. Every additional 30 min charged at a rate of $25. 

Birth Doula Services

As always, my consults are FREE. We can meet up to chat about how I may be able to help your family and get to know one another. I am now offering different levels of service to best meet your needs! 

             *Birth Basics - $700  : I will go on call for you officially at 37 weeks. When your birthing time begins, I can go to your home or meet you at the hospital. My goal is to support you in achieving your birth goals whatever they may be. I support all types of births ( planned csections, inductions, medicated and natural births ). I will use all my skills to keep you as comfortable as possible, informed and empowered to make good choices for the birth of your baby.  I will also stay  with you the entire time  and 2 hours after the baby arrives to ensure that everyone is settled , help establish breastfeeding ( if that is the plan ), and capture some nice photos if desired.  * This package is suitable for families that have birthed before and do not require as much prenatal  & postpartum support. 

             *I Got This - $850.00 : 1-2 Prenatal Appointments, attendance at your birth, and 1 post partum visits for 

             *The Extras - $1050.00 : 2 Prenatal Appointments,  attendance at your birth, 2 post partum visits and  an additional 6 hours of post partum doula care for $1050

             *Birth Planning Session - $50.00 : Let's get together to chat about your upcoming birth. We can go over your birth preferences, I can explain to you whats to be expected and how to best meet your birth goals! $50 ( 1 Hour session ) This is a great add on to the Birth Basics package or if you have a good handle on the birth itself but want to make sure its realistic and you are fully prepared.

 All service levels include : On call at 37 weeks, unlimited email, phone or text support throughout your pregnancy and post partum, access to my extensive lending library, complimentary baby wearing and/or cloth diaper information sessions and special discounts on products from my online shop Mama May I. 

Need a last minute doula? Yes there is such a thing! I am always on call and offer this service to families who find themselves wishing they had support or perhaps a support person is unavailable.  I will attend your birth short notice at the rate of $600. 

Private Breastfeeding Classes/ Support

Learn all about breastfeeding in the comfort of your own home at hours that work for you. I can provide you with all the information you need to begin your breastfeeding journey with confidence. As always, I tailor the class to suit your learning needs. Rate:  $150  per class. ( 2 hours typically in length ) 

Struggling with getting breastfeeding going? I offer in home support to families needing support and guidance breastfeeding. Rate: $30/hr

Post Partum Doula

As your post-partum doula, my role is to serve the family. To ensure that everyone is cared for and well rested and their needs are met.  Before I come to your home, I would request that you consider how I could best be of help. Post Partum Doulas do a bit of everything, we cook, we do light cleaning, we provide baby and sibling care, we can assist mom with breastfeeding, and much more.  I typically work in 3 hour blocks of time, and ask to have  48 hours notice of booking. Overnight service may be available, please send me an email at  to inquire. Rate : $30/hr  

Private Childbirth Education

I am pleased to offer birth education in the comfort of the families own home. Before coming to your home, I would speak to you reagrding your learning goals and your own level of knowledge. Classes are truly customized. I work around your hours and give your the knowledge you need to greet your birthing time with confidence.   Rate : $300 for 12 hours ( typically 4 - three hour sessions )

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