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One of the best things Evan and I ever did was have Erin join us as our Doula for Harrison's arrival. She was there before, during, and after our birth and I know that Erin's support and energy was a big part of us having such an incredible experience. She wasn't just there for me, she supported us both through the whole process right down to reminding Evan to eat something and sit for a while after we had been up all night. Erin and the wonderful nurses and doctors at the hospital made a great team, and we wouldn't have changed a thing! After we got home from the hospital, Erin was there to reassure us as new parents that we were doing just fine, and she even dropped off special homemade cookies and tea when I was concerned about breastfeeding. And that is just a small sampling of what she did for us! Honestly, she's the best. Doulas are awesome. 


I don't know where to begin... 

Erin is absolutely amazing! She answered every one of my questions from the moment we met right through post-partum. Erin was everything I knew I needed and everything I didn't know I needed through my labour and delivery on our second child! 
Erin helped me get the labour & delivery experience I wanted (and needed)! Without her I would not have had the drug free, natural labour I so desired! Words cannot express the gratitude and love I feel for her & our experience. 
I vividly remember her face standing out so clear to me in my fog and daze of pain, and her saying "You CAN do this! You ARE doing this!!"

I will be forever thankful!

My only regret is not having a Doula, not having Erin, with my first pregnancy.


I was afraid. Erin empowered me. After a tramautic first birth experience the second had to be different. Erin listened empathetically to my fears, acknowledged them and helped me reframe. She enabled me to see options and alternatives. She constantly reminded me I had choices. When birth day came I was prepared. Erin encouraged me to articulate my birth plan, ask questions and stay positive. The second birth experience was different - it was redemptive. With Erin's support I confronted dark emotions and emerged a stronger mother for both my children. Thank you for holding my hand Erin. May you hold many more.  


My first two children were born with the help of midwives in Ontario—they weren’t just a healthcare team, they became part of the family. When I got pregnant after my family had moved to NL I wanted to create the same sort of supportive family for my third birthing experience. Without midwifery in NL, I reached out to the doula collective. While I hadn’t had a doula in my first two pregnancies, many of my friends had worked with doulas and found it to be extremely rewarding. After reading the bio’s of the different doula’s and finding out we were having twins, my husband and I contacted Erin O’Reilly because of her background in nursing and her education in breastfeeding. We thought that both would come in handy with a twin birth! Given it was my first time working with a doula, I wasn’t sure what to expect. But Erin made it easy. My husband and I met with her a few times before the birth to chat about what we wanted the birth to look like. Given that it was twin birth, the pregnancy was deemed at risk and so there were more unknowns. Erin made me feel at ease with everything and her knowledge about the healthcare system was extremely valuable. With her help I felt supported and ready. When the day finally arrived (I went to 39 weeks!), Erin was incredible. She walked with us through the whole experience. She ensured that both my husband had everything we needed and anticipated things we didn’t even think we wanted (but that were so very appreciated!). Because we had worked with Erin and had discussed everything ahead of time, the birth felt seamless. We advocated for things that were important to us and Erin helped us every step of the way. After the birth Erin came to visit me in the hospital and later at home. She responded to my many questions and her calming/soothing energy was always reassuring. She was there for me, whatever I needed, and for that I am forever grateful. She was a gift and a blessing to have as part of my twin birth experience! 

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