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Janet, 1st time mom : On a friend's recommendation I got in touch with Erin regarding doula services. I will be forever happy that I met with Erin and involved her in the birth of my son. Between the pre birth meetings and the resources that she provided, Erin helped me to feel prepared and relaxed (as much as possible!) about the birth process. When the time to deliver arrived, Erin was fantastic! She had such a calming presence. Her words, actions and suggestions allowed me to focus on my labour. After the delivery Erin continued to be a wonderful support and resource for information related to breastfeeding and infant care. 

Allison; repeat client: 


“I don’t need a doula”


This was my original statement when the topic came up. I got this. Women have been birthing babies since the dawn of time. I got this.


As my pregnancy progressed, more and more women expressed to me what a difference having a doula made to their delivery, not just to them but also to their spouse.  About seven months into my pregnancy I decided to interview a doula, see what it was all about, what she could offer me and my husband. 


Support is what she could offer. 


Information is what she could offer. 


Strength is what she could offer.


In the weeks before my labor, Erin met with us and helped us understand the need for a birth plan, a realistic list of what to pack in my hospital bag, options I had for procedures done to the baby after birth. She guided me when I was confused about induction and meds. She made me confidant in my decisions. When I started to doubt myself during labor, she encouraged me and made me understand that every woman goes through this stage of doubt and we can overcome it. She assisted my husband in making me comfortable, and was a huge support to both of us.


In the days after my labor Erin visited our home, helped us with concerns we had as first time parents, was a constant source of information, and never tired of the text message “is _____ normal?. She was there to chat about how my labor went and for me to ask questions when the haze of delivery lifted.  Erin made me feel amazing and strong and I highly recommend her to anyone considering a doula during their labor expirence.

Maureen; 1st time mom: 


Having Erin as our doula really helped us ease any anxiety we felt about the birth of our first child. 

She was very good at anticipating where we need the most help. I was surprisingly calm upon leaving the hospital with our newborn and I think Erin's presence and guidance had a lot to do with it.


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