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Lactation/Feeding Support

Gas? Reflux? Bad Latch? Questioning Tongue/Lip Tie? Clicking? Poor Sleep? all can be helped with the support of an IBCLC

I provide skilled help with:


  • Assessment for  lip or tongue-ties and referral to excellent release providers if needed

  • Milk supply issues (from low to abundant supply)

  • Painful Breastfeeding

  • Support with breast pumping, flange fitting and milk expression

  • Lactation induction, re-lactation, adoptive breastfeeding

  • Assistance with positioning while feeding

  • And more


Initial visit (90 minutes):        $140

Home visit :                               $160

Followup Appointment:       $110

(my services are covered under Naturopathic care for most major insurance companies)

 Click below to be taken to my booking portal. 

  • Latching difficulties to breast or bottle

  • Mastitis, plugged ducts, engorgement

  • Babies with poor weight gain

  • Babies with special needs or NICU grads

  • Feeding multiples and tandem feeding of an older sibling

  • weight gain checks pre/post feed

  • weaning off  of a nipple shield  or transitioning away from bottle feeds


Mother Breastfeeding Baby_edited.jpg

Whatever your feeding goals are,
I will stand by your side to help you get there.

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